Spacious Standard Double Room

Things To Do near Budget Inn Texarkana


At Budget Inn Texarkana, we’re the top motel near Texarkana Golf Ranch for comfort, value and service. If you’re looking for a Texarkana hotel near the federal prison, we’re just a mile from the Federal Correctional Institution. Our family-friendly hotel in Texarkana is just 2 miles from great Skate America Fun Center, busy Central Mall and the excellent pizza and entertainment of Chuck E. Cheese’s. Texarkana Golf Ranch is just over 4 miles away. Also nearby are Ace of Clubs House, unique Discovery Place Children’s Museum, compelling Four States Auto Museum, the Perot Theatre and Wright Patman Lake. The Red River Army Depot is about 10 miles away.


  • Federal Corrections Institution (1mile)
  • Skate American Fun Center (1.3 Miles)
  • Central Mall(1.7 miles)
  • Chuck E. Cheese’s (2.1 Miles)
  • Texarkana Golf Ranch (4.4 miles)
  • Ace of Clubs House: (5 miles)
  • Discovery Place: (5 miles)
  • Four States Auto Museum: (5 miles)
  • Perot Theatre (5 miles)
  • Four States Auto Museum: (5 miles)
  • Fishing and Boating (5miles)
  • Wright Patman lake (5miles)
  • Four States Fair & Rodeo (6.5 miles)
  • Red River Army Dep (10miles)
  • Sonic, Burger King, and Dollar General (walking distance)
  • Unique Travel and Tours